On November 15, 2014, re-elect Carol Zanon for West Kelowna Council

"Let's get it done together!" Through your part in public consultations, open houses, workshops, surveys, public hearings and council meetings, as well as telephone calls, texts and e-mails, you have made a contribution towards, and had input into the continuing story that is the development of our community of West Kelowna. Thank you so much to each of you.

All of this information with your thoughts, opinions and expertise has been very welcome and an invaluable part of our democratic system. Carol feels that it is her part to listen, hear, assimilate and learn from you. Then it is her job, using her knowledge and experience to move forward and get things done. Carol has enjoyed, even relished that job, and she looks forward to working with you and for you for a fourth term as a councillor.

One of the most difficult concepts to deal with is the change from a mostly rural society to a modern urban community while we savour and value our roots. Council has initiated many Master Plans and Strategies and completed most of them. The challenge is to put all of the recommendations from each of these plans together in an integrated manner, in a way that is understandable and affordable for you. And of course, while we are planning for the future we must ensure that the everyday needs of West Kelowna are taken care of… and that is the heart of getting it done.

Thank you for your support!


Carol has served the people of West Kelowna for 3 terms and is looking forward to another term representing the people of West Kelowna on Council. Carol brings a lot of education, experience and energy to the table!

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The past seven years have been full of rewarding experiences that have led our community to another stage of growth and maturity. We met challenges and accomplished many things as a new council. 

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Carol offers her strength and experiences as a member of the District of West Kelowna Council for the past seven years. She believes that now we must implement the completed plans and strategies in the months and years ahead. 

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I am running for re-election because I want to be part of our future as a voice of common sense and to carry on with what I started when I was first elected seven years ago. I will continue to work on our future while keeping our rural roots.

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